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A Breathtaking beauty

It's so nice to note that such a big city is hiding breathtaking views like the one pictured above and another below. I hope you guys can visit this place because of its sheer beauty that is calming and relaxing, good for relieving stress and for the burned out hard working yuppies.

An amazing relief for stress and a wonderful getaway for the burned-out yuppies

The clear cool waters which are actually a couple of meters deep is perfect for the raging heat of the summer sun. It's nice to contemplate around the shady areas of the water falls as the mist continually refreshes your skin and nourishes the growing vegetation of ferns and moss on the rocks and trunks of the trees. I marveled all day long on these scenes, a good testament to a very crafty and skillful Creator. :)

It's a good feeling to travel again

There is nothing much on this picture, I just cant help but be amazed at this ship behind me. Trans Asia is a passenger shipping line that serves Cagay-anon and Cebuano passengers for quite a while now. I would have to give them a Kudos for buying a new one.

Faithfully waiting for You

I just want to thank You for everything You gave to me even though I cant repay the debt I owe You. You promised me life and You never hid Your face for long. When I sought for you, I did it with all my heart. You added so much to me even if I only asked for a few. I will serve You until I could no longer do it in this earthly body. As I await Your coming I praise You more and more. Thank you for being faithful. My Redeemer, my Friend, My Victory.

In 1982, a large cross was built on the solidified lava to mark the site
that became the graves of the ancestors of the Camiguin people.

This cross marks the spot where the former capital of Camiguin together with its cemetery lies. It is now popularly known as the sunken cemetery.I took this picture a couple of hours before the west swallowed the sun... :)

Who is your Redeemer?

I took this picture sometime before I went on a vacation. What I really had in mind is to paint a thousand words on this picture. It made me reflect a little bit, man's effort is not his salvation but by faith. Forgiveness is for free but the only way we can take advantage of it is when we accept it sincerely. Let us not rely on ourselves but to the one who died on that cross. The champion that defeated death that we may be saved by HIM. Take action now while HIS love is over flowing. Be partakers of HIS love and not HIS wrath. :) Have a blessed Sunday all!

Trekking would be a nice way to bond together on a not so sunny day, the weather has been trying all its might to calm its mood as the clouds overhead constantly teases the sun's gaze.

Altogether we decided to take a detour to places we most likely dont visit that often since there would be too many people around the island especially in the tourists spots.

When I was a kid, I would rarely see carabaos, cows nor horses in the city. In place of them were trucks and automobiles running around from here to there. I caught this horse who's picture is on the left, grazing at a lawn just outside a cemetery. This horse doesn't resemble any particular breed or pedigree, not that I am an expert of it, but still the feeling of standing next to an animal bigger than me is fascinating especially when I'm only used to standing next to dogs.

A lost cemetery where my Great great Grandma is buried

It took us a couple of hours to search for this cemetery. The tombs are all old and graves could date back as far as the spanish colonial days. My great great grandma who was buried here witnessed an entire different Camiguin. It was at the time when the ruling class of Hispanic-Filipino families were all over camiguin and when Mount hibok-hibok almost had the entire barangay Agoho buried during its erruption.

A century old Balete Tree Stands in the middle of the cemetery

This Balete tree could be a hundred years old. It has grown to be a witness to different families as they mourn over their love ones during funeral rites. This parasitic tree still has spared its host which is an Acacia tree. The Acacia trunk can be clearly seen on the back of the balete as it reminice its golden days when it was still at its full display before the balete took over.

Finally, we've located my great great grandma's
grave after a couple of ours of looking around

After a couple of hours of navigating through the tombs, we finally located my great great grandma's grave. There were a whole lot of tree litter around, leaves, branches and plastic lie across the cemetery which only gets to its cleanest during all soul souls day.

The deafening silence one can hear inside the cemetery with cicadas and crickets serenading in the background, in broad daylight, gives me the creeps. I thought of the feeling of being left alone here at night imagining the possible things that could happen. At the edge of the cemetery, I can hear the raging sea as it hits the rocks below the cliff. There is definitely no sign of any civilization within a 1 mile radius I think because I could hear nothing but silence.

The last thing on my mind when we left the cemetery is to bury something here, I couldnt just find the right spot. :)

I spent the long holidays (Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday) at Camiguin. The last time I went there was 10 years ago with a special someone. It has always been a family destination since I was a kid so I have grown accustomed to the places and tourists spots the island has to offer.

There is a lot in Camiguin that I appreciate and in the course of time, some of those things have remained almost untouched... unchanged. The picture of the woman on the left is actually a beloved "Nanay" not only of mine but to all the people that knows her in our clan.

Ya Man! - I would love to think that Nanay is smoking pot. :)

I caught her smoking tobacco (Philippine tobacco leaf fashioned in a way that it would look like a Cuban cigar only that at this point she uses a pipe for it) at that moment as this was the favorite past time of most locals in the sitio of Upper Cogon in the Barangay of Agoho which is a couple of miles away from the capital of Camiguin.

We decided not to roam much in Camiguin but visit some of the places we frequent when we're there. Most of the time I would love to sit down below the canopy of a mango tree outside the porch which is facing a road (check the picture on the right side). that leads to one of the famous tourist spots in Camiguin which is Ardent hot spring.

I used to hear Cicadas and crickets that chorally serenade the deafening silence of the night. There was no electricity in those days and there was no any other forms of recreation that most of the locals would usually sleep early.

The picture on the right side is a road that serves as an entry point which starts in Sitio Banlas and passes through Sition Upper Cogon of Barangay Agoho which leads to Mount Hibok- Hibok and Ardent Hot Springs. The road that leads to this tourist spot was once rugged but is now made of concrete.

My biological mother, sister and Nanay Columba (the same person from the picture above) during a mid-afternoon siesta outside the house where we're staying in Sitio Cogon. and my aunt and cousin preparing our midafternoon merienda as pictured below.

I love the tranquility of the place, it's like a refuge for the tired, a getaway for the burned out. Mostly, we stayed in Sitio Cogon to do nothing but lax out, listen to music, chit-chat with our folks and laugh our hearts out.

Though much of the neighborhood now already depends on the sitio's electricity, I would still miss the kerosene lamps and the ghost stories my Nanay Columba have. I asked her to give me a little dose of it to help me reminice the old times and gladly so we started a little trip back to old memory lane.

The picture on the left is of a flower I saw in the garden at the back of my aunt's house, I was halfway to taking a nap on the hammock when it's beauty caught up with me. It was really a good way of bonding together for my family. I enjoyed the trip so much and I hope to be back there soon. :)

Enjoying the Sunday afternoon as I dwell in His presence

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