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These pictures might have been circulated around the world a couple of times already, through emails and social networking site accounts. Nevertheless I just want to share this to all the Pinoys out there whom I think could best relate to the pics... :)
Have a blessed great weekend all! :)

Hmmmm, I wonder who did this.

Hehehehe, this one sounds familiar

Who would ever think that the water in here would be safe for drinking?

I wonder if the bread is sold as a chair or as something that can be eaten

What the?

Hmmm, nude beach resort?

Ang kulit! hahahahaha.

Since when did stealing become an answer to our prayers? hahahaha

Okey, what if I'd see blood on the stone?

What do you exactly mean by an oben tooster?

I think this one is spanish... Quick I need an interpreter!

Another one done in spanish!

I never knew eggplants and string beans are dangerous

Witty but cute

Now now, since when did omelets and sandwiches became deadly?

Hmmm, I am speechless...

What again?

This is a witty and funny way of catching customers attention

They really are in need of a tutor... badly...

Just hat exactly does a wetress do?

Beware of speaking cellphones

Quick I need an interpreter...

Cookie's knees as she amuses herself with a cold beer
while I stare afar with my mug of Hot Calamansi to soothe my itching throat.

Trying not to smile as I play "pretending to be in pain"
with Sam as my photographer . :D

A quiet afternoon, supposedly. Relaxing from a week full of deadlines, reports and stress. My job can be unpredictable at times, but I am grateful for such a blessing. I sometimes get overwhelmed with what life throws at me, I acknowledge that, but it is not a measure of life itself. What I have in this world is temporary, what I am really aiming for is that eternal life that was promised to me.

It's awesome to know that life has a purpose for me. It has been a complete turnaround. I ones thought that better days are too far off, I even thought mine was over. But I was dead wrong. He proved to me that I am wrong. Life cant really be fully lived without you knowing your purpose. There's a whole lot of books that tells you how to live life and a lot more about what it really means to be happy. But, does that book really tell you about what it means to be happy and how and for whom should you live your life for? Happiness is certainly not measured with big houses and cars and branded clothes or how many friends or lovers you have. True happiness is when at the end of the day, as you climb your bed, you won't feel lonely.

It is good to know that we have people around us that will share our burdens. These are the people where we can draw our strength from. It's good to have a best friend who tirelessly listens to your rants but when we all go part ways and retreat back to the comfort of our beds we face our trials alone, whether we like it or not. We are created to be social and thus we need someone in our life to be happy. Someone that will inspire us or push us to the limits of our character. Someone that will keep us sane when we could no longer afford to. If people wont agree to this then why do we have friends in the first place if we really would like to push for the idea that one can be happy in permanent solitude? But is it really enough? Do we live our life for our friends and lovers alone?

I keep a lot of circles of friends. But I chose whom I would be confiding my secrets to and who has a sound mind for an advice. But my happiness right now is not really bound towards earthly friends which the Almighty Father has blessed me with. One thing I realized is knowing where my life is centered. If the center of my life is my career then it is not a strong foundation at all, because when for whatever reason I will lose my job, my life, which is founded on it would come crashing down as well. My job is important to me but it is not my all.

I have to build my life around a firm foundation, a foundation that cannot be shaken. When my life went crashing down, I thought I'm done and over with. I thought things will be difficult but all these things were nothing but a product of my worries, I just worry a lot. To shed a tear and worry about something in your life is a disservice to yourself because you have just robbed yourself an opportunity to bounce back.

So, how was I able to bounce back in no time? First I have to go back to that foundation I was talking about. If I can find a strong foundation, to which I can build my life on then I will be able to know the purpose of my life. I have other options around me and was sorting things out and realized that everything in this world will not last. Marriages don't last because of death, careers, friends come and go, hobbies loses its meaning over time. So how will I find a firm foundation on which I can build my life on? The answer is JESUS. Jesus wont pass away unlike the earthly things that we have around us. He has been, is and always will be as he had promised in the scriptures.

My life changed drastically. At the end of the day when I climb my bed I no longer feel that emptiness and loneliness that I would feel before. I started picking up the pace and I no longer see myself sulking over things which just weighs me down, in fact I can think of the past experiences I had and never shed a tear anymore because I found the perfect solution to it, the past is past and there is nothing I can do about it but I can certainly do something about the future. So how did Jesus changed my life by the way?

To answer that, let me start by saying, a Christian life is not a boring life. Nope, not at all. You can be a follower of Christ and never have to worry about the mundane, but it takes a lot of hard work of which you wont be able to do alone, and you wont be alone because CHRIST lives inside of you ones you invite Him in. He then becomes your foundation and the center of your life, hence you will never be alone.

Christ died for everyone of us. You and me, all of the people around the world. We are blessed with the abundant grace of the Almighty Father, that it only takes faith for us to be partakers of it, and that faith is to believe in Christ with all our heart that he died on the cross for our sins.

When you accept Christ as your personal savior, things wont change in an instant because Christ's purpose is to let you change in time. Consider this, if you give up a bad habit in an instant, there would be consequences that you would have to suffer. And more often than not the result is short lived and you will soon find yourself going back to the same habit. For instance, usually tomatoes are harvested while they are still green (not ripe) to avoid bruising when shipped. The suppliers will then spray Carbon Dioxide to it so that in an instant the tomatoes will ripen. The CO2 is not bad at all, but tomatoes who are ripened in haste will not even measure up to the taste of the tomatoes that were allowed to ripen in time. Christ is never in a hurry because He knows best time for you, but He has never been late, not a single second. Christ is interested in changing your character and not your personality.

He hates your sins but not you. Does this mean that we wont commit a sin anymore? Not really, given a chance we can commit a sin. But, Christ's conviction will be with us through the Holy Spirit which will reside in you ones you Have accepted Him as your personal savior. Therefore, it is clearer for you to distinguish what makes you commit a sin and how to handle temptations. The choice now lies in you, but definitely the Holy Spirit will guide you through when temptations arise. Remember, he will not allow things to happen to you if it is too much for you to handle.

Our real purpose in Life is to live for the one who created us. Whether we like it or not one day we would have to give a detailed account of our life ones it is over. Stop searching for something that will only give you temporal happiness, set your eyes on Jesus and soon you will stop seeing your fears, loneliness and sadness.

The Francine before

...and the Francine today

Amazingly one can transform from a mere duckling in to a majestic swan. I used the materials on this post with the subject's consent.

A trip to CDO wont be complete without a Bigby's experience

I tried to sound not too excited. I was already trying to hold myself back from breaking into a delusion as my hunger out-weighed all the other emotions I had. All I could really focus on is the steak section of the menu, and slowly, all the noise from outside the car were nothing more like a deafening silence.

I've never been this hungry before. It's way past lunchtime and i can't help but wonder if I would still be able wait a bit longer when I got to Bigby's, but patience has always been a virtue. :)

Before ---------------- After

First of, I just want to apologize for not being able to update my blog for almost a month. I had been so busy with work that I got sidetracked.

To appease all my friends and followers, I am posting a picture of a close friend of mine who formerly was my officemate. This actually was a birthday tribute for her.

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