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A trip to CDO wont be complete without a Bigby's experience

I tried to sound not too excited. I was already trying to hold myself back from breaking into a delusion as my hunger out-weighed all the other emotions I had. All I could really focus on is the steak section of the menu, and slowly, all the noise from outside the car were nothing more like a deafening silence.

I've never been this hungry before. It's way past lunchtime and i can't help but wonder if I would still be able wait a bit longer when I got to Bigby's, but patience has always been a virtue. :)


  1. Mokong™  

    Isang nakakagutom na blog...
    naglaway naman ako tol sa mga pagkain na yan...

  2. iagosmom  

    ansarap naman tingnan ng pagkain


  3. Vikki  

    Those look delicious. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this resto maybe I should check it out. :)

  4. Solo  

    Tsalap nman nyan..hehehe
    Nagutom tuloy ako. Sa susunod mas marame nman..hehehe

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    Job Hunter

  5. Femmepower  

    oh, yeah i've dined here before. is this the one right outside Lim Ket Kai?

  6. Mikes  

    BigBy's is really delicious! We have one here in cebu ayala!

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