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I first saw this video in my friend, sam's facebook post. I was so deeply moved by such inspiring words coming from a pure innocent heart--that of a child's. Enjoy the video and lets all love unconditionally. :D

Thank you - The kanitas

It's been a little while since I went out with friends. I got busy with things and my priority changed a little. A few weeks ago I was asked by my ministry's president to give out a special number during our Sunday service. I thought it's been a long while since I performed in public and singing for the Lord will be a new experience.

I accepted that assignment without any second thought. It was an open invitation given to me by the Lord so that I can glorify him. I was not able to record my performance because of the solemness of the moment but I was able to find a video in youtube which contained the song I sang. I have to give a kudos to Yan-yan, a talented son of the Lord, for bringing out a good acoustic accompaniment. You'd see right up this page the video I embedded here in this post by the Katinas entitled Thank You which is also the same song I performed. I thank the Lord that he brought back that passion that i lost, to sing and for using the gift He gave me for His glory.

I have to thank the Lord for keeping me. For bringing out the best in me, for loving me with that love that no one can give other than Him. I have to admit that i had been a disobedient and rebellious son a few weeks and months ago, but one thing I learned is that He alone can forgive me as long as I humble myself and seek him diligently. Just recently I went out dating, supposedly I shouldnt be doing it because in the first place I am still dating the wrong people. I am thanking the Lord that He is so full of grace and mercy for His gentle and sweet rebuke. Many times did I feel defeated or discouraged but the Lord redeemed me everytime, what a wonderful and beautiful savior He is. I am holding on to His word in Philippians 1:6 -

"being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."

I am still a work in progress and the Lord is still not done with me, I still bear that sign: "Underconstruction, Sorry for the inconvenience". I dont know how the Lord will change me, but one thing is for sure that He will complete me in His time, in His own way.

This symphony sunday, october 25 of this year, will be my first time ever to lead the praise and worship for that special sunday service hosted by the young adults ministry of our church. I took the challenge by the Lord after a lot of people from the church prasied the Lord because of my performance. I thank the Lord again for letting me glory in Him. I am planning to pray and fast for this for the Lord's annointing. I am asking that He give me what I need to complete the job He has given. So up until then I would be busy and would have to cancel my planned trips and reschedule them this November right after mom will be back from her trip in Manila.

I would have to prepare for my up coming birthday also which will be this October, because I still don't know how to celebrate it. I hope I wont get stressed out, this entire month of October, God forbid.

Lastly, some pictures I posted below which I was unable to edit because I ran out of time. I have also been given a chance to go out with some of my friends last Friday night in a piano bar here in CDO. Thanks Jacky for the time you spent with me and to Carmel and Anna as well... and as for me, STOP DATING THE WRONG PEOPLE!

Carmel and Me

Anna, Me and Jacky

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