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A Sea of ight
Photo Courtesy of Blues Marquez

I was out with friends (Fonzi, Hope, Glenn, Sharon, and Paul) last Friday to check out this first class "perya" near a mall here in the city where I live. We took the time to bond together especially that we're about to face a busy week ahead of us, loaded with work.
It's amazing to note that the experience was one of the craziest and funniest ever. I've got first row seats in witnessing how respectable and well-behaved people could, in an instant, lose poise and bearing (LMAO). :)

But before we even get there let me start off with showing you the talents of Blues in capturing blog worthy pictures (with me throwing in my adobe antiques) below:

The death defying (though there's nothing new about it) stunt of scooters,
I mean motorcyles.

Motorcycles swirling inside a bowl-like structure which reminds me of a food processor. Seriously I was so tempted to throw in a couple of lettuce, cabbage, almonds and mayonnaise for some coleslaw.

A Human Meat grinder, I mean a rusty Ferry's Wheel
majestically trying to withstand the test of time.

This cranky Ferry's Wheel which is adorned with lights was about 3 to 4 stories tall. I was reminded of my childhood days when I took my first ride on this contraption in a barrio fiesta.

A minor's first hands-on epxerience with gambling, courtesy of his folks

I have mixed emotions about this, though this looks like harmless in some ways, still I cant help but wonder about what's this little boy's take on what's happening around him, as he sees flying 10 peso coins and a 20 peso bill in front of him.


Sharon, clinging for her dear life (Though, seriously,
there is nothing in this ride that is life threathening)
and me laughing at such a scene.

A wheezing sound of death?

I keep on wondering, what on earth hit them? Paul, Sharon, Hope and Glenn all seemed convinced that they are having a near death experience while I was so busy thinking of happy thoughts

An unadulterated, purest form of fun.
Looking at their "I-don't-care-about-you-but-I-will-scream-me-heart-out" fit.

I was trying to catch them off guard, while at their worst-ever look. By their screams, I was pretty sure that Freddie Krueger was about to skin them alive while Sharon got the look of constipation printed all over her face, or was she trying to hit a high note?

The megastar in her award winning portrayal of Sadaku

Sharon, at the beginning of the ride. The air blowing on her hair was just really from a nearby electric fan and the fake screams around her added to her sold-out feeling that it is the end of the world.

Glad to be alive: Sharon my good old friend, after her gut wrenching
experience at the mary-go-round, always thankful of her second shot at life.

Over all, I was happy at a time well spent with friends. Nothing beats a good laugh before the start of an ardous journey ahead. What an amazing God given blessing, such an amazing grace.

I cant help but notice the difference in that smile of yours Jo.
Am I missing something?

I had the opportunity to rob elbows with the illustrious yet illusive local celebrity (ahem!) Miss Joan in an exclusive restaurant to celebrate her 29th birthday.

I had been friends with Joan since 2006. Since then we grew closer, became more than friends, even to the extent that I've proposed marriage to her only to find out that I was never her type (lol).

I would like to take this chance to talk about this dear friend of mine. I've always had the highest respect for Joan, I've compared her to a diamond that shines even under extreme pressure. Hence I've only seen her all the more composed and elegant even in the face of utmost stress. She carries herself with a kind of class that befits her personality.

Joan is known for her humanitarian acts. I have seen her in her best philanthropic social work with the aim of annihilating poverty and hunger, plus not to mention bringing in world peace. Joan is compassionate, reasonably modest and extravagantly generous. I should know because I have been one of those whom she had given extravagantly both materially and emotionally (hmmm). She has listened to me ones or twice in the past about my ordeal of which would have been impossible for me to go through without her wisdom (ow?).

I love Joan so much that I would have had mistaken her as my great, great grandmother (joke lang jo). Kidding aside, Jo I just want to tell you that God has blessed me with a good friend and that is you. Hope you'll never change and I pray that you'll be all the more successful, happy and closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Happy Birthday Jo... :)

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