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I took this picture just to buy time while waiting for the chef as he finishes up our meal

Sometimes, something so ordinary can become extraordinary, all it needs is a little recognition.

This House fly provided me a good practice session for my budding skills.
Amazingly, I can't figure why such a small creature
could fly around high altitudes like this...

Gazing around the restaurant as I marveled at such an ambiance and just outside the window I can't help but be slack-jawed at the panoramic picture of cdo...

Enjoying the view outside the glass window as we savored an excellent meal and a time to bond together.

I can never be exceedingly romantic, but thinking of things you can possibly do together to figure out your similarities and the things which differentiates both of you all seems to feel like exploring an unfamiliar territory. It makes things seems surreal, knowing that you can never change a person to love them but to embrace every single idiosyncrasies and appreciating their uniqueness. They will only become the best they can be if you help them realize their potential. I never expected for all of this to happen but I guess all relationships always starts out from something. Friends we've been for almost two years and we went through paths almost similar but uniquely different but never did I ever imagine that out of that friendship we can build something extraordinary. Just as I have always thought, surprises can sometimes be annoying but this one is something different from the rest... =)

Jandy of "Boys over Flowers" and Oprah Winfrey

Me and the Miss Universe of 2009

Francine striking a pose as she tore the night down with a glamorous entrance

I had another chance last time to rob elbows with the stars who visited the costume party at the Grand Caprice Convention Center last Saturday, November 7, 2009. I had stomach cramps and an almost worn out jaw after a heartily laugh from the stunning performances of Oprah, Jandy of "Boys over Flowers" and the recently crowned Miss Universe.

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