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Tofer, enlighteing us with his experience as a Call Center Agent

an environment friendly answer to global warming and crazy oil price hikes

Who would have thought that the famous "Kalesa" would still be operating these days sharing the highways with cars, jeeps and trucks? I was amazed at the sight of the horses and their drivers as I went past them. I cant help but let the ecstatic feeling take me away after seeing a not so common view from what I'd usually see in the streets. I cant get over praising the Kalesa considering that everyone, even a permanent pedestrian, is suffering from oil price hikes and the world wide economic crisis?

I want to see more of this in the streets of CDO than the noisy smoke belching motorelas that we have there. Wait till I get back... lol :)

I am at a loss for words. There is so much going on in my head that even controlling my fingers to search for the right letters on my keyboard is an ordeal. When was the last time I acted like this?

I was listening to people talking as they freely verbalized their thoughts. Both of them clinging lightly to their cigarettes, and briefly I recalled the last time I held a stick, the aroma of the smoke trying to find the access to my nostrils, and its figure making the things around me look like I am perched on a cloud.

I have stopped smoking, since the time I found that there is nothing addictive in it. But before all of this, in the days when I was puffing smoke in and out, it wasn't the nicotine that I was after, it was the idea of keeping my fingers and my mouth busy, grounded to reality, as I get lost in my thoughts. I was not addicted, I was comforted.

As I went back from the euphoria of my memories, I was confronted with the situation I have been trying to run away from. And I felt pain as it cuddled me into a subtle sob. I lost balance in my chair as my heart started to send tremors to my body. I was about to give-in to my tears, but logic got the best of me - "your milk has been spilled, just wait for your next glass". I stood up, left their company and headed to my table inside the office to get lost in the nothingness of my insatiable qualms.

I don't want to start a bad habit, not smoking. Not in the comfort of alcohol, maybe just a little dose over the weekend to ease up my restlessness. All this feels strange, freedom should not be like this at all, not that i know of. This new found liberty is just too much to supervise. In this the impression of freedom, I realize that the only company I have is loneliness.

I started to feel cold, I have never felt this weird before, not when the things outside are scalding under the ruthlessness of the summer sun. I rubbed my palm over my arms and felt the warmth of my fingers. In the bliss of the moment, I was imagining. The fingers who ones knew the landscape of my body, sensitive to my brewing emotions inside, latching itself to the fingers of my own. Those arms were my comfort amidst the harshness of the world outside. I am protected, I am loved. And abruptly as it seemed I fell back in to reality that my life for almost 2 years, is gone.

I wept silently as I reasoned with my emotions, its over. The companionship that I've seen through the thickest and the thinnest, that one solace I enjoyed that is totally different from the ones I have known. I have never loved like this, not in the open. Not in the midst of my imperfections. I have given all I have got and proved that somehow, once in a mortal life I found someone that is my perfect fit. YOU were my perfect fit, and for embracing me for who I am and for who I cannot become, I will be forever in your debt.

Now, you are gone. My world will no longer be the same. I've never regretted having met you. even if I die a million times over, I would always find ways to get back to the days we were one. As I console myself alone, I ones more ran back to your arms where I used to belong. Forever etched, in my thought, you are with me...

La Familia Zaragoza: Team CUCC

This picture was featured on the Office Yearbook as a testament of the "family-like bond" that we celebrate inside our little office. Our Crew consist of the following people who have made a strong contribution to the growth of our organization.

Standing behind couch, from left to right were; Cookie (Quality Analyst and Trainer), Andrew (Technical Support Guru), Dona (Team Lead Supervisor), Eve (Quality Analyst), McNeil (Technical Support Staff), Chriselle (Former Team Lead).

The people seated on the couch, from left to right were; Me of course (Head Trainer), Prexie (now former Business Development Officer), Nenetter (Managing Director), HM Joan (Team lead, Quality Analyst, Trainer, lover), Francine (Team Lead, Quality Analyst)


This is another version of the things we did the last time we celebrated valentines day together. :) I miss some of the people I had been friends with in this picture.

Valentines day is different if you spend it with people close to your heart. We were supposed to wear something pink but I figured it's much better if I go with the color of the day which is red.

We were asked to impersonate a character that we could just think of in a snap, and before putting in the captions, I was able to ask them who they were really thinking by the time flash went off.

Standing behind the couch were (left to right):
Francine, Eve, Cookie, Chrisselle, HM Joan, Dona, Maci.
Seated on the couch were (left to right):
Me of course, Bing, my boss Nenette, Andrew our IT genius and McNeil.

This picture was taken the last time we celebrated valentines in the office. This was right before some of my officemates left for greener pastures.

Over the skies of Cagayan de Oro as I looked out the window... not a sight for a sore eye

It was early in the morning and the smogs over the skylines of Manila are visible from the windows of NAIA 3 terminal. The skies outside is promising a sunny day and the cars' windshields on the highway leading to the airport are reflecting off the sun's rays into where I am.
The skylines of Makati, a promising sunny weather for Metro Manila,
as I peaked out NAIA 3's window in the departure lounge

My mom was eyeing me while I was restlessly murmuring to myself that things will be okay and nothing bad will happen. I kept on visualizing the places I've been and how much fun I had during my stay in Angeles City and in Pasay just to keep my mind off wandering from unnecessary thoughts. I matched the sunny weather outside with a relaxing Bosa from my ipods playlist, to take the jitters away somehow. I have to make sure that I avoid the ice cold metal parts of the bench from touching my skin as I wait for our flight. It was just too cold inside the departure lounge. The idea of taking off to the skies to get back home to the south is not comforting, anything but that.

The view from the top, as we rose high into the skies of Manila

I have been boarding planes for many times over, but still nothing has ever changed the way I perceive flying. Even if its the flag carrier or the second flag carrier which wants to put every Juan into the skies, going up to the skies still creeps me out.

Our flight back to the south according to my boarding ticket is scheduled for 8:45 a.m. with an expected arrival around 10:30 a.m. There were news of how bad the weather in the south is because of the cold front's tail. Some of the streets near the river have flooded over and some families has to head to shelters after the government asked them to vacate their houses. As per NAIA, no notice of any cancellation of flights has been issued yet and by far nothing is considerably alarming.

When we boarded the plane, my hands were still ice cold. I was shaking off the weariness a little bit by trying to reach out and stack up or luggages in the cabinets overhead. The plane, an Airbus 320 is newly leased with fly by wire features to ensure safety, technically so to speak. The seats were inconveniently spaced with trays that can be folded into the back of the seat in front of you when not in use. It was not easy reading out the emergency guide as we waited for the plane to taxi down the runway. I was supposed to relax during the flight but I cant help myself from from peaking out the window.

Somewhere in the skies over Visayas as we head straight to Cagayan de Oro

National Geographic Air Crash Investigation. Too much of it, just too much of that bloody program. That could be the culprit, besides I am boarding a newly leased plane whose model is known for safety, so I shouldn't worry that much. But there is also another thing that bothers me. If there is one weird airport in the world, it could be the Cagayan de Oro domestic airport where our flight is expected to land.

The airport's runway as it sits on top of a hill, makes it difficult for pilots to manuver when it's cloudy, especially in a bad weather condition like this cold front. More often, in weather conditions such as this, flights going to Cagayan gets rerouted to other airports or worse, canceled. The mystery behind this airport is so much that even when the weather forecast is good, some of the flights needs to be redirected to airports in Cebu or in Davao just because clouds over the hill makes it difficult for any planes to make a touch down on the runway. Sometimes, the plane is forced to circle up the skies around the city to wait for the skies over the airport to clear up.

Just right above the city but the clouds make it difficult to see
the Cagayan de Oro landscape down below

As we got near Cagayan de Oro, I cant help but look out at my window into the dark clouds. The pilot has announced zero visibility and is waiting on queue behind 3 other aircrafts requesting for a green light to land from the Air traffic Control Tower. We are circling around the skies above the city which is completely covered under a blanket of thick clouds. After 15 minutes of gliding across the hopeless invisible airport somewhere down below, the pilot decided that we'll land in Cebu Mactan International Airport for a pit stop to refuel and to wait out the bad weather, before trying a second attempt on landing the plane on Cagayan de Oro's domestic airport. If worse comes to worst the plane would have to go back to Manila and we'd be stranded, waiting, in the airport to for further announcements from the office of Cebu Pacific.

Cebu Mactan International Airport as we remained parked on its grounds
waiting for any hopes from Cagayan de Oro's Air Traffi
c Control Tower.

The pilot came out of the cockpit a couple of minutes after landing in the Cebu Mactan International Airport.
Consoling and explaining to the aigtated passengers the weather conditions and
the dangers of landing the aircraft in such conditions.

A Boeing 747 as it taxis into the run way at the Cebu Mactan International Airport

After almost two hours of waiting the Pilot receives a go signal from Cagayan de Oro's Air Traffic Control Tower. This would be our last attempt to land on the airport of the city before the pilot will be forced to head the plane back to Manila.

After hours in the sky and a pit stop, finally we made it to the
wet runway of the Cagayan de Oro domestic airport, safe and sound.

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