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The Ayala Terraces: A breath of fresh air and a sight for sore eye!

Boom, Boom, Pow! That's all I can say. Ayala has redefined the meaning of Malling. It has become more than what it can actually offer. Left alone, Ayala Center in Cebu has led the revolution of business districts in a City. With a space big enough to house the entire business district of Cebu, ayala has crafted a magnificent landscape combining luxury and business all together. It feels like being transported to another city when inside the area. Definitely the queen City of the south has ones again widen its gap from other booming cities in Visayas and Mindanao.

Ayala Terraces is like a another mall beside an existing one. The terraces feels like a hidden garden without the thought of being hidden of course, and the experience one can get when dinning in any of the restaurants in this mega structure feels like a breath of fresh air. Certainly, it doesn't feel like you are in a mall whenever you are trekking along with the "sight for sore eye" views.

The terraces houses a hub of restaurants that sits beside each other. The culinary haven of Ayala is being matched alongside with boutiques and a couple other stores that dot the veranda, unanimously adding to the wide choices that the ayala terraces is offering its mallers and shoppers. When visiting Cebu, Ayala is diffinitely an experience worth taking. :)

The Home grown pop-burger icon FLAME IT which boasts as one of Cebu's burger haven.
This half pounder 100% burger patty, grilled to mouth watering extents is a must visit for those who're tired of the common bland burgers that most fast chain serve.

It is far too impossible not crave for soul food, especially after going around a busy city. Cebu has a lot of choices when it comes to dining and enumerating them would at least take a month worth of blogging for me. However, let me mention a few of my favorites.

There is a lot of places when it comes to dining in Cebu. It would sometimes make me think if cebuanos include eating as one of their favorite pastimes. There's just so many dining havens that one cannot just find all of them stacked in one place, though there is a plenty of them in malls.

T.G.I. Friday's version of seafood pasta in white pesto sauce (TOP) and their famous Fisherman's Catch (BOTTOM). TGI Friday is an Amrican restaurant with branches inManila and at the Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

When in Cebu one can visit places such as Foodland where the famous La Tegola is. One can also visit A.S. Fortuna which is a street being shared by two barangays, Banilad and Talamban that hosts a couple of affordable restuarants, such as AA grill House, Coffee Beanery for delectable pastries, Japanese Fast Food and Cafe and a whole lot more.

Filipino Food Choices in one of the biggest Food Courts in all SM Branches, SM City Cebu FOOD Court.

When dining in Cebu, you can chose from among cuisines which might capture your craving for the day. In SM and Ayala alone, there is a whole lot of selections of Food and cuisines from different culture; Persian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, Indian, Turkish and of course Filipino. The sky is the limit for these and only your appetite and budget will be your main obstacle. So, experiencing Cebu is not only by sight or by smell but also through your tummies. Hope you enjoy Cebu as much as I did. =)

Cagayan de Oro Port: A view from the deck of Cebu Ferries 1

I have always been planning to visit Cebu, but I was not expecting that it would be that soon. All this came just in time when I had the best reason to go there. I had always enjoyed traveling, if I had the resources and the time, I would love to go around the Philippines. It is great to know that our country is keeping within its borders some of the best scenery and places that cannot be found elsewhere. And, talking about best places to visit, I could not discount the beauty that is Cebu in my list.

It's been quite sometime since I visited Cebu. The last time was last year, at the time before my father's death. I had been holding back myself from being reunited with the City, I could only but think of living there again and this year is no different. Cebu has been like my second home and going back there for a visit and spending it with someone makes it more special.

Much has changed in Cebu. The city has improved so much and from this view alone, the skylines of the queen city of the south has changed a lot in over 5 years. Even this skyline is so different from the one I saw about a year or two ago.

Bajaos, waiting for the passengers on board to throw out coins to them
as the ship maneuvers itself to dock at the port.

It amazes me that Cebu is moving on in such a rate. The economy is well fed, high rise buildings chaning the Cebu City skylines, and the streets are getting busier. The Ayala Business Park along side with the Cebu City I.T. Park has been blossoming in the midst of an economic crisis. It is fascinating to note how much a resilient city is Cebu. A City just outside of Imperial Manila, asserting itself not only as a business destination but also a tourism Mecha of the Philippines.

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