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Cagayan de Oro Port: A view from the deck of Cebu Ferries 1

I have always been planning to visit Cebu, but I was not expecting that it would be that soon. All this came just in time when I had the best reason to go there. I had always enjoyed traveling, if I had the resources and the time, I would love to go around the Philippines. It is great to know that our country is keeping within its borders some of the best scenery and places that cannot be found elsewhere. And, talking about best places to visit, I could not discount the beauty that is Cebu in my list.

It's been quite sometime since I visited Cebu. The last time was last year, at the time before my father's death. I had been holding back myself from being reunited with the City, I could only but think of living there again and this year is no different. Cebu has been like my second home and going back there for a visit and spending it with someone makes it more special.

Much has changed in Cebu. The city has improved so much and from this view alone, the skylines of the queen city of the south has changed a lot in over 5 years. Even this skyline is so different from the one I saw about a year or two ago.

Bajaos, waiting for the passengers on board to throw out coins to them
as the ship maneuvers itself to dock at the port.

It amazes me that Cebu is moving on in such a rate. The economy is well fed, high rise buildings chaning the Cebu City skylines, and the streets are getting busier. The Ayala Business Park along side with the Cebu City I.T. Park has been blossoming in the midst of an economic crisis. It is fascinating to note how much a resilient city is Cebu. A City just outside of Imperial Manila, asserting itself not only as a business destination but also a tourism Mecha of the Philippines.


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