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This is a not so common sight to behold. It's around 6 AM and it took a couple of minutes to have fully pushed the drowsiness down my throat. I liked the view but I did not like the smell, though before the boat came on the shore I savored the cool salty breeze and the warm sea water as it drenched my toes. The fish they caught were not really that plenty, or maybe the net was just too big for the catch?

The local townsfolk including my mom on the background has been doing this routine since they were still kids, with their parents. It's a custom for them to wait patiently on the shore for fishermen from an over night fishing campaign. The catch of the day will be circulated and marketed within the Sitio and will most like be traded with other commodities like soap, rice, coffee or sugar.

Looks like the boat is sinking

Trying to beat the odds and ride on the waves as we paddle our way to safety. I can't help but grin all throughout as the strong current harassed the rubber raft. The water looked a little bit rusty but the feeling of euphoria is unmistakable. I tried to maneuver the raft out of the whirlpool but all my efforts are futile considering that all I could hear around me were shrieks, curses and swearing from my freaked out friends. Feels good to be alive. :)

Clinging for dear life

The backdrop of cascading water that somehow looked like a curtain to another dimension. The water cold and deep provides a drawback to tourists and most, if not all, are not allowed to bathe if not wearing the appropriate life vest which is provided upon entering the spot. No one has ever made an accurate measurement of the water's depth and until now it remains as an unanswered question.

Just having fun with my Call Center Trainees

After our last day of training, we decided to pose for what would be our last time together. :)

Singing Ako'y Sayo on a boring Thursday night
(I'm caught under poor lighting, my apologies)

Here is the lyrics of the Song hope you all like it:
I translated this song myself so please forgive my mediocre output. :D

Ako'y Sayo

Ikaw na ang may sabi na ako’y mahal mo rin
(It was you who said that you love me too)

At sinabi mong ang pag-ibig mo'y 'di magbabago
(And you told me that your love won't change)

Ngunit bakit sa tuwing ako'y lumalapit ika'y lumalayo
(But why is it that everytime I try to draw, near you would turn away)

Puso'y laging nasasaktan pag may kasama kang iba
(My heart aches every time I see you with someone else)

'Di ba nila alam tayo'y nagsumpaan
(Don't they know that we had a promise)

Na ako'y sa iyo at ika'y akin lamang
(That I am yours and you are mine)

2nd Verse:

Kahit anong mangyari ang pag-ibig ko'y sa 'yo pa rin
(Whatever happens, My love will only be for you)

At kahit ano pa ang sabihin nila'y ikaw pa rin ang mahal
(And I will not turn away from you whatever they might say)

Maghihintay ako kahit kailan
(I will wait for you forever)

Kahit na umabot pang ako'y nasa langit na
(I will wait for you even in heaven)

At kung 'di ka makita makikiusap ka'y Bathala
(and if I wont find you there, I will ask God)

Na ika'y hanapin at sabihin, Ipaalala sa iyo ang nakalimutang sumpaan
(That He finds you and remind you about that promise)

Na ako'y sa iyo at ika'y akin lamang
(That I am yours and you are mine)

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