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A lot of a lot of people would think that Flowerhorns dont get to socialize as much other than when mating, but there are some Flowerhorn owners that would think differently about it.

I was having a good time in my room just watching Sid play around with his new toy. I bought him a plastic fish just to see how well he can tolerate the possibility of putting a live one in the future. I was amazed with how Sid playfully approached the toy. He playfully bit the side of the toy to see if it would react. A couple of minutes after, he then started pushing the toy around. It was such a cute sight to behold.

I have been thinking of adding a "janitor fish" (as people would call it) so that I can get rid of algae and other growing hazy organisms on the sides of my tank but my previous attempts yielded negative results. The story was, I attempted to add another fish into his tank when Sid was smaller. Though that new addition is just about Sid's size, Sid still thought of the other fish as food and before the other fish could die from Sid's bullying, I have to remove it from the tank.

Sid is growing fast, and together with that growth spurt he poops a lot. It has always been my dilemma since the time I noticed of Sid's poops. I have to think of some ways on how to keep his tank clean without having to literally drain out the water just to clean it. I also considered looking into forums for an advice and nothing has helped me as of yet. Maybe buying a new bigger tank and installing a powerful filtering system would solve everything up. I am still open to suggestions though...


  1. Cathapulan  

    awwwwwwweee, ka cute ni sid.
    nanu sid man?? hehe.
    how old is he?

  2. Rey  

    sid kay isidro man na iya real name... hahahahaha... wala pa na nag 1 year cath mga 4 months ata na sya...

  3. lunaticg  

    What kind of fish is this?
    Is this saltwater fish?

  4. Rey  

    well sid is a fresh water fish... It's a man made breed because these types of fish doesnt appear normally in the wild. This fish is actually a cross breed of two different fish that doesnt normally cross breed in the wild. :)

  5. Vanjohnn  

    Kuya rey, have you considered using Cleaner shrimps? maybe dili niya ibully. Basta for me the best would be trying to use a filter and UV light

  6. Rey  

    vanjhon, gagamit man ko filter pero la ko nag gamit UV light... sorry if I sound dumb pero what is cleaner shrimps? for feeding na?

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