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One fine day at the beach for a henna tattoo. The people behind me were my boss and my colleagues also enjoying the sun during the company outing we had last year.


  1. Cathapulan  

    sweeeeeeeeeetty, nag pa tattoo baya ko hahaha.. as in for real tattoo jud haha. last dec, hehe. something for my 25th year hehe char!!

  2. Henna Muse  

    Yeah, except that's not henna he put on you. Its poison. If it gets red and irritated get yourself to a doctor as soon as possible. Natural henna goes on looking kinda like greenish mud. When it comes off the "tattoo" underneath is orange at first and then darkens over the next two days. That stuff in the picture is a concentrated chemical, called PPD, used in hair dye that's too toxic to be allowed for use directly on skin!

  3. Rey  

    hmmm... I'll make sure I remember that... This happened like october I think when we had our company outing... nothing really happened much after I got the tattoo... it just faded away a couple of days after... no redness or any irritation at all... guess I was just lucky. :)

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