Blogging My Life Out

Blogging My Life Out


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I should quit blogging! That's what I feel out of being not able to update my posts. My schedule for next week will now change and I will soon be back doing grave yard shifts. I haven't pondered much on what will happen. The stress has not died down yet and it feels so degrading that I have to allow the company to squeeze me dry for every single penny they are paying me. O well, its the thing we go through to earn money, who says life can be easier? Life must be very happy looking down at me as it pours out tons and tons of lemon. excess lemonade! I wish there is a way where I can hurl all these lemons back at life! hah! lol!

I should stop forming a bad habit out of being with bad company. I should start thinking about what I will do to maximize most of my time here in cebu. I still have a mom to support so it is getting a bit challenging as the day goes by. I have to reshuffle my interests and priorities. Being single again is a lot easier knowing that I wouldnt have to mind sharing my time with someone. Though sometimes I get to miss those warm loving arms that engulfs me into a heaven like comfort. Well, I bet I am not remembered well for I know the person is just doing fine. I am happy with it, the things that is happenine in his life right now surely will make him a better person considering that he is up to new challenges and meeting new friends. :)

It really gets boring during the weekends. Right now, I am having the longest vacation so far for this year and it just sucks. I feel so lonely and lifeless. I wish there is another way to making my life better. Here is hoping for a more relax week.


  1. Jules  

    Don't try to quit blogging or else...Lolz. Kidding aside. Don't mind those bad things that's happening to your life now. Just count those good things. =D You'll be ok friend. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  2. Anonymous  

    Don't worry i'm here..if you need me..i'll be there for you even if it takes for me to fly off from where you are right now...

  3. Anonymous  

    This is FG. I just came across this blog of yours and I must say, cool stuff you have. :) Don't quit. Where are you now by the way? :)

  4. Airon Faustine  

    I felt that way before too. You should look for another job that is not as hectic as the one you're currently in. Trust me, there are still many opportunities out there man.

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